Starting at age seven it seems like I have always played the piano. I tried a couple of other instruments but it’s the piano that has always spoken to me. I love boogie-woogie, jazz and swing, I think it brings the music to life.

Performing for others is the icing on the cake. Sitting at a baby grand, I love seeing the joy on the faces in the audience, and I also enjoy the emphasis it puts on my role as a performer. I enjoy making every performance my best. Apart from my own musical preferences, I have a broad and diverse portfolio. I can play suitable music for any venue or occasion, and I work closely with the organizers and technical people at every event.

I am always open to changes required as the event unfolds.

I would love to chat with you for any corporate or private event where a solo piano enhances the mood.

Click here to hear some of Harry’s piano playing on Soundcloud.